Where is Gorebagg?

The short answer to "Where is Gorebagg?" is: pretty much all over the place -- that is if by the place you mean anything involving the creative arts and sciences. Below are links that will take you to some of the various areas that Gorebagg has visited.


Gorebagg is an accomplished painter, sculptor, print artist, and more. Shown in galleries around the world -- starting with his first group show at age 4.

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Bardo Trainer

Gorebagg is by far the most skillful trainer for bardo voyagers that one could hope to find. There may be different trainers -- but none better. more info...


Starting at an early age, Gorebagg has been involved with broadcast media from both sides of the mic and both sides of the camera. Everything from script and consulting to direction and performance. more info...


Gorebagg has worked in comedy since his early days in New York clubs and LA comedy shops. Now he mostly devotes himself to broadcast, recording, and writing.


Jewelry, fashion, interior decoration, objects of daily use, buildings, tarot,.... All of these and more have been the target of Gorebagg's prodigious design capabilities.


Player, developer, designer, consultant, educator... Gorebagg has been involved in pretty much every aspect of gaming. Gaming is an important training tool that is very much a part of Gorebagg's arsenal. more info...


Gorebagg has been involved in many aspects of invention -- as consultant and researcher. This includes invention of new businesses, games, art forms, and the highly successful CQRs. more info...


Gorebagg began working with stage magic at an early age and has kept up with his craft these past many decades. Performer, teacher, and inventor. more info...


If there is an instrument that Gorebagg can't play, we haven't seen it. Life circumstance prevents him from touring. But, when musicians stop by his full featured recording studio the creative sparks fly. more info...


Fiction, non-fiction, science, humor, sci-fi, transformational literature, blogs, t-shirts, greeting cards, and even thongs. If words are involved Gorebagg has made significant contributions.

Where: Galaxy, Scripts, Plays, Fiction, Transformational Books, Art Books